Tuesday, 26 September 2017

You And Me, Who Is A Corrupt Man?

You And Me, Who Is A Corrupt Man?
You And Me, Who Is A Corrupt Man?

You And Me, Who Is A Corrupt Man? Well, it is all left for you to answer. "The nature of man is evil" That statement is as fake and untrue as the school of thought that came up with it. I personally refuse to accept that the basic human nature is corrupt. The nature of man is very loving, peaceful and beautiful. It is the ideologies and principles that govern man that are wicked and evil. The nature of man is as good as the way he thinks. Reasoning that is the product of what he believes in and the life principles he abides by.

Ideologies formed out of religious beliefs, faith in a particular imaginary being, loyalty to one's family, tribe, and race, and patriotism to a certain political entity, whose ideas are not necessarily just or fair. These are the things that corrupt man.

If you really want to know the true nature of man, take a good look at children all around the world. A child will smile at everyone, play with everyone, eat with everyone, even when they fight with each other you will see them playing together again in the twinkle of an eye.

Until certain adults change their perspective of the world around them. Initiate them into religious cults at infancy. Before they grow a mind of their own. Reveal to them the mysteries of the afterlife thus, making them live out their entire lives with one foot in this world and the other in the afterlife. (Why give a shit about earth when you have got heaven waiting?)

Teach them to dislike a certain skin color, ask them not to play with a particular tribe, tell them their country is greater than all others, make them believe that their state of existence and way of life is superior to all other forms of human existence on earth, Imbibe in them false ideologies of right and wrong based on non-evolving stagnant failed principles used by certain factions of humanity to justify their cruel way of life since time immemorial.

That is what corrupts the true nature of man. That is what puts man at odds with his neighbors and his immediate environment. That is why our world is in ruins as we see today.


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