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As we all know data is a precious commodity these days especially when it comes to issues dealing with the internet. The cost of using mobile web services can get very high, and unlimited plans are scarce as we all know. Yet with multiple options available, you must be smart about picking the right one when it comes to choice making. However, factors such as pricing, signal and throttling caps tend to vary significantly as well.
Yes!!! that is the reason why I have come up with this post to will help you find the best unlimited data plans right here in the United States of America (USA). I have put together the best options you could find, so let jump straight right into the details right away

Note: Please take note that the prices listed below are for single lines only.

Postpaid options

Best Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans In The US |  Prepaid And Postpaid Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans
T-Mobile - $95/month
T-Mobile has made a name for itself thanks to its unorthodox practices. T-Mobile is trying to shake up the market and bring more value to their precious customers in ways no other carrier presently available has done before. One main advantage of going with T-Mobile is unlimited data.

Why T-Mobile?

  • unlimited data.
  • T-Mobile's highest-end personal unlimited plan costs $95 for a single line
  • You will get dropped off priority speeds (2G speeds) when you reach 23 GB of usage in a single month.
  • You also get free 2G roaming and texting in over 140 countries
  • unlimited calls in the USA/Mexico/Canada and discounted calls to other markets.
  • Unlimited plan subscribers are entitled to 14 GB of dedicated hotspot data added to their bucket.
  • T-Mobile also offers 2 GB, 6 GB and 10 GB options at lower prices.
  • T-Mobile also has Data Stash, which allows you to keep each month's unused 4G LTE data (up to 20 GB). 
  • T-Mobile is easily one of your best bets when it comes to bang for your bucks.
Best Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans In The US |  Prepaid And Postpaid Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans
Sprint - $75/month
Sprint has in fact gotten a lot of criticism due to its network, anyway there are plenty of markets with good coverage and awesome data speeds already available. If you happen to live in one of them, you could save some cash and go with the Now Network, lol.
Sprint unlimited plan is actually the cheapest out of the postpaid options on the list.  Sprint subscribers are promised unlimited calls, text messages and data. Also just like T-Mobile, you will not be prioritized in speeds if you use anything over 23 GB of data in a month.
Why Sprint?

  • Subscribers get enough of cool bonuses for signing up with Sprint which includes 3 GB of hotspot data, unlimited texting/2G data in select markets outside of the USA and special call roaming discounts. Morealso you will also enjoy free calls/texts/2G data when in Mexico or Canada, as well as 1 GB of high-speed data when in said countries.
  • Another good thing abou sprint is the 40 GB per month plan, which also includes a whole year subscription for Amazon Prime, interesting, right?.

Best Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans In The US |  Prepaid And Postpaid Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans
AT&T - $100/month
AT&T is the priciest option in the list. AT&T does not seem to offer as much value as the others, but i thought it was worth mentioning anyway, ya.
Why AT&T

  • Only DIRECTV or U-verse subscribers can sign up for this unlimited plan.
  • It costs $100 and users get slowed down after 22 GB of usage in a billing cycle (1 GB less than what the other major carriers are offering).
  • When it comes to mobile usage, the only enticing perk is that you can talk, text and use data in the US, Canada and Mexico with no roaming fees.

 Prepaid and MVNOs 

Best Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans In The US |  Prepaid And Postpaid Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile - $60/month
The big carriers are known to be dependable, but there are plenty of good choices on the prepaid side of things... especially if you are looking to save some cash. Boost Mobile's unlimited plan costs $60 per month, and you can reduce the monthly payment down to $55 if you opt for Auto Re-Boost (automatic card payments).
Why Boost Mobile?

  • Subscribers get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data, as well as 8 GB of hotspot data and unlimited music streaming with select partners. 
  • Speeds are reduced when you exceed 23 GB of usage in a billing cycle, but only if the network needs it. 
  • Just keep in mind Boost runs on Sprint's network, so make sure you have good coverage in your area.
Best Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans In The US |  Prepaid And Postpaid Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans
MetroPCS - $60/month
So far, MetroPCS is the unlimited plan with the most generous fair data usage policy in the list. You can use up to 25 GB in a billing cycle without getting slowed down, wonderful!. But just like with some of the competitors, MetroPCS will only slow you down if the network demand is high.
Why MetroPCS?

  • MetroPCS charges $60 ($55 if you select a family plan) and offers unlimited high-speed data, talk and text, as well as unlimited music streaming with certain apps. 
  • MetroPCS also offers an included 8 GB of hotspot usage with all plans.
  • All MetroPCS plans are technically unlimited - you only get pushed back to slower speeds when you reach the agreed data cap.
  • MetroPCS cheapest plan costs $30 and offers unlimited calls, texts and data (only the first gigabyte at 4G LTE speeds).
Best Unlimited Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans In The US |  Prepaid And Postpaid Cheap Cell Phone Data Plans
Cricket Wireless
Cricket Wireless - $70/month
Just like with MetroPCS, all Cricket Wireless plans are unlimited. Subscribers simply pay extra if they want more high-speed data. The $70/month plan happens to be the one with unlimited high-speed data. And apparently, there are no penalties or slow-downs for using too much data!
Why Cricket Wireless?

  • With the Unlimited Plan, you'll receive a high-quality mobile experience from the start regardless of how much data you use.
  • As with all Cricket plans, download speeds are up to a maximum of 8 Mbps for compatible 4G LTE devices and 4 Mbps for compatible 4G devices. As always, actual speeds may vary by location and device.
  • Of course, you also get unlimited talk and text as well. Perks include unlimited international texting to 38 countries, as well as unlimited data/text/talk to and from the USA, Canada and Mexico. The only issue is you get no hotspot capabilities.
  • Oh, and if you set up Auto Pay you can save yourself $5 a month!

That is all about the data plan! Those are the most favourite unlimited data plans in the US. Are you signing up for any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Hit the comments to let us know.
thanks and see you around soon.


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