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How To Sell Your Used And Unwanted Gadgets [Websites]

How To Sell Your Used And Unwanted Gadgets [Websites]
How To Sell Your Used And Unwanted Gadgets [Websites]

There are tons of ways to make money off stuff you don't need. In just a few months new iterations of the iPhone and the Pixel would be released, along with a flood of other phones that are already on the market. meaning you'll be faced with a hard decision: upgrade or hold on your current device another year. The annual cycle of releasing higher iterations of devices can be a little tough on your budget, which is why you might want to put your old device up for sale so as to reduce cost. But which outlet will yield you the greatest value for your device? And how much of a stress would it be? We've made that bit less stressful and rounded up the best site to sell your old stuff. Not only phones, perhaps you have an old laptop that is no longer doing the job or just some old electronics somewhere rusting.

Trade-In Site

There are plenty of sites that will automate the trade-in process if you are looking for little stress and want your money as soon as possible. All you need to do is select your device from a list, get a quote in minutes and get cash n a matter of days from sending the device.

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Gazelle probably is the best-known site for sells and can give you an estimated device number, mostly from Apple, but also the latest phones from other manufacturers. if you are using older Android devices then you're out of luck, iPhone users can sell even an iPhone 5 if they want, but payouts will be as low as $15. You would get paid within 10 days, or even sooner if choose to use PayPal or Amazon, with PayPal yielding an extra 3 percent.


Decluttr definitely is a place to visit. apart from the fact that you can sell phones from a number of manufacturers which including Apple, Samsung, and HTC, but the site also takes tons of other physical media, meaning you can sell your CDs, DVDs, video games and books. Legos are even bought by the pound! As for devices, you'll be asked to give a general assessment of its condition, and a quote would be immediately given. Decluttr offers more generous payouts than the competition, with Decluttr giving an offer of $300 for a 64GB Pixel 2, higher than the $260 on Gazelle. Decluttr also goes as far back as the sale iPhone 4, though you will only get as payout $7 for an 8GB model that is in good condition.


Usell does not buy but acts as a broker, looking for the best offers from other sites and then doing the business as usual. Usell like other buyback sites, is big on iPhones, but still accepts devices from other manufacturers; so it actually depends on who the buyer is at that point. Their selection is something of a grab bag because new phones like the Galaxy S9 (or even the Galaxy S8) aren't listed, but you can get a quote for the iPhone X ($650 if it is the unlocked 64GB).



Worried about having to package your device and mailing it off, or you want to get your payout right away then you would want to use ecoATM. it is just stated there in the name: a machine that you place your device in and it examines the device automatically and you get paid there on the spot.It accepts Apple and Samsung, but also devices from a variety of manufacturers which including Alcatel, Kyocera and OnePlus. you can still use ecoATM to recycle your old gadget if the machine determines that your device is not worth a dime.EcoATM kiosks are available across the country.

Store Trade-Ins

Most at times, you need money on the spot, or you just don't want to entrust your devices to various shipping companies. There are some retailers across country that accept trade-ins for cash or some store credit. Wireless carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, if you please, would give you credit towards a new phone.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers trade-ins both by mail and in-store, having more than 1,000 locations, this makes trading with them very convenient for you. All you need to do is fill out the form online and bring that to customer service. It's easy, but with this ease is a big downside: they only payout using best buy gift cards. which is great if you spend a lot of money with them anyway, but less satisfying if what you need some cash.


they are known for buying games back at very low prices and selling them at almost retail value, but don't let that hold you back from trading with them if you especially if you have some games or electronics somewhere in your closet collecting dust and want to make some quick cash. Yes, you heard right, 'cash': GameStop gives store credits or cash if you are not interested in their products and want to take your business elsewhere. One nice thing about GameStop is that there is a rotating series of time-limited offers when you can get a little more money for your goods when trading certain titles. For example, you can sell Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Switch and get $25, since new one goes for $50 on Amazon that would not be a bad deal. You can also trade phones and connected home devices on GameStop even though the prices are not as good as online trade-in sites.

Consumer to consumer

You want a personal transaction, cutting out the middleman, - a straight transaction handing your device directly to another person instead of letting some site flip it for you. Then In cases like these, you will want a user-to-user site, though some sites to make certain bits smooth, will automate the process.


If you are trying to sell a newer phone, then Swappa is the site for you because it is more of a marketplace site which means sellers get to set their own prices. You can get as high as $800 for the iPhone X here. Which is far better than what you will get on sites like gazelle which will be offering $550 for a 64GB unit but sell it for $800.The disadvantage, however, is that you don't get your money right away because you will have to wait for a customer for your old device after which you are expected to ship within two working days. You can also sell other stuff on Swappa -Laptops, smart speakers and video game titles for systems like the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, are also listed on the site. The site has a retro section which does not actually list older system but just new throwback products like the Super NES classic.


Glyde is a site that aims to make resales very smooth and is also a direct-to-customer site. Instead of asking you to pay for shipping of your devices from purchase money glyde sends you a prepaid shipping kit. You get through either credit on the Glyde site itself, a deposit in your bank account, Bitcoin, or a paper check immediately the product reaches the buyer. On glyde you will have to wait longer than other sites but this will not be a problem knowing you are going to get a good price with the iPhone X selling for more than $750 and the Google Pixel 2 going for around $550.


You've probably been tempted by some of those marketplace deals in the past while shopping on Amazon, and if to list here someone almost likely to take your old device out of your hand. seeing as almost everybody on the planet has an Amazon account, so you have a large potential customer base, plus it only costs you $0.99 sell on the site. The disadvantages are that the site isn't really geared up for individual sales: You'll be in a competition with whole sake companies who can even tweak prices just to beat competition. If you are not up for the stress of selling to the public you can trade in but Amazon is really picky for the items they accept.


When talking about the Wild West of sales sites that is eBay, but the biggest advantage it that you will probably find a buyer for anything no matter how old the stuff is. Even so, the site has come far in the past decade, with added structures which help buyers navigate to your product-You can search by color, storage capacity, network or even special features like 4K video and fingerprint sensors for phones. The site still works the way it used to: your product is listed and you set a listing end date with the minimum price you intend to sell or just set a 'buy now' price if you cannot wait to see the auction prices. you most probably already have an eBay account with a feedback score. The first 50 listings you make are free every month, and a 10 percent fee of the purchase price is charged only if the product is sold. The only thing is that you're competing with a lot more sellers, and chances are there is always someone willing sell less than the price you set.
Cash-back comparison

At the end, the site you choose should be the most convenient for you, but if you only care about the money you get at the end of the day, we've made a price list that flagship handsets will get you just to give you a hint of what these site offer. We've also added the Xbox One on the list, maybe you feel its time get rid of and upgrade to the Xbox One X.

All phones listed here are the 64GB models. as for the iPhone X and Pixel 2, the prices are for the unlocked models, while the Galaxy S9 is the AT&T version which is priced. These are merely estimated prices and were valid as at the time this post was written. these Prices will most likely fluctuate daily or, in the case of sites like Amazon and eBay, hourly.

Once you've decided which site to there are a few things to remember before shipping off your device. The most important, always do a full factory reset of phones or laptops which contain any personal information. also turn off the "Find My iPhone" and the activation lock on devices with iOS. also, unlock the phone. And lastly, make sure you do a backup of any important you might have including contact info, game data and, of course, pictures to preserve the memories you love

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