Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The True Meaning Of Brotherhood ( A True Life Story )

The True Meaning Of Brotherhood ( A True Life Story )
The True Meaning Of Brotherhood ( A True Life Story )

" The True Meaning Of Brotherhood ( A True Life Story ) " the sentence really made you to ponder and wonder right? I was a very inquisitive child growing up, I liked to pry into everything that crosses my path, my curiosity knew no bounds. I liked to take things apart, learn how they worked then put them back together. So the moment I could wield a screw driver, no electronic device in the house was safe from me. I could never even keep toys, I was a jinx. Whenever any appliance started misbehaving at home, I was always held responsible.

One day I built a fan out of an old video cassette player I found behind the house, everything was ready and I just needed a power source to make it work. I took the step-down from our black and white TV, unplugged the fridge from the stabilizer and plugged in the step-down and my fan with it.
The moment I clicked the switch on the wall, the whole thing went up in smoke. Fan, step-down, stabilizer, socket and all, it was really a shocking moment for me with all the hair on my skin standing accompanied with gussbumbs.

My first defense mechanism was to run to my older brother. He helped me fix the socket and the blown fuse from the stabilizer but the step down was a goner. I was pretty sure my dad was going to rip me a new one when he got back. Although he had never whipped me before, I was terrified none the less. So I prepared myself and waited patiently for my ass whooping.

When he eventually came home from work that night I was already putting on three jeans shorts and two sweaters waiting for the ass whooping session to commence! He tried turning on the TV at 7 P.M to watch akuko uwa on NTA Enugu but the TV did not come on. As usual he summoned the jinx to explain what had happened. Before I could step up to own up to what I had done my brother stepped out first.

He took the blame for everything and apologized. He was not whipped though, his punishment was to take the TV to the electrician the next day for repairs. That was the moment I realized my brother would readily lay down his life for me in a heartbeat. That was one of the many occasions when my older brother came to the rescue. He probably does not even remember that story anymore. But I have never forgotten. I will tell this story to his kids and mine to teach them the true meaning of brotherhood.

That is the nature of the man I am celebrating today. He is the most selfless, humble, protective, caring and hard working person I know (Next to my dad). Saved my ass from trouble a lot when I was a kid. And he is someone I have always admired and looked up to. He is the ideal definition of an older brother. My wishes for you remain in my heart brother as a surprise from above. You just sit back and watch it manifest in your life. You know you deserve it.
Happy birthday big brother.


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