Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How Ready Are You To Get Married?

How Ready Are You To Get Married?
How Ready Are You To Get Married?

How Ready Are You To Get Married? This is just a simple question that we youth needs to ask ourselves as time goes by. Do you know the part of marriage that scares me more than anything else? Guess the answer, its nothing but Babies! I see all these young people in their early 20s getting married and I cannot help but wonder if they have reflected enough on the significance of what they are doing. Do they even know what they are getting themselves into? The responsibilities that comes with being a parent?

I mean, this is not like owning a cat or a dog or some other pet. This is an actual human being, suddenly, out of the blue, you are responsible for this whole other person. You have to provide a comfortable life for them, take care of them, protect them from the harsh realities of this world, guide them and be a role model to them; someone they can look up to and be proud of.

You do not eat if they do not eat.
You do not sleep if they do not sleep.
Basically you no longer live for yourself but for them.
Whatever they do or become, it is all on you.

What if they fall sick?
What if they become bad?
What if they hurt somebody?
What if they are physically challenged?
What if they are gay and society does not accept them?
As if having kids in Nigeria is not hard enough already.

Are you really prepared for all that? Physically, mentally and emotionally? this is a question we should ask ourselves deep down in our heart, Because as for me I am not ready yet! and I do not think I will be anytime soon, never mind its just my opinion. I still have a lot to learn, a lot to do, a lot to see. I do not even think I know who I am yet if i may say. How am I supposed to help another person become somebody? And the world just gets harder and scarier by the day as we see time fly.

All these thoughts scares me! And if you are getting married anytime soon, you might want to take a moment from all the glamour of marital bliss that seems to have our generation in a crazy frenzy of wanting to belong; take a moment and reflect deeply on these thoughts. Please, for the sake of your unborn kids ask yourself this simple question; "Am I ready for this?"


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