Monday, 21 November 2016

Stay Tucked: Tucking In Your Shirt

Always keeping it tight......
For some guys keeping it tight is infact a priority, "i for one like to tuck in", as some guys may say.
Nevertheless that is not as issue, but the truth is that you have to know what kind of shirts should be tucked in, although most shirts can be tucked in. For this show case we show some nice shirt design that can be adapted for tucking in purposes, must guys just want to be a little bit formal without need to wear a suit and and the pronounced tie, lol.....

lets break it down.

The Shirt: The shirt is obviously tailor made, customized to his own taste. it comprises of 2 layers
Layer 1: light blue
Layer 2: a lighter shade of blue.
The arms also have their layered design different from the body, a nice dark blue highlights and the buttons has the same dark blue highlight. note the size of the shirts collar(small). with an outfit like this you can tuck in and also button right up fully comfortable.

The Trouser: Its almost the same shade of dark blue on the shirt.

And finally to wrap up, a black leather belt, a black shade and a black pair of show actually wraps up everything together, so what are you waiting for, go show your swag around like never before!!!!

Note:- To order your pair of this custom made clothen, just drop your comment below

Stay Tucked: Tucking In Your Shirt
Stay Tucked: Tucking In Your Shirt
  photo credit to: Madu Hamilton, ig: @jointhemiltions


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