Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Hot Shorts And Puma Fendi Cans

Are your wondering what to do with a Puma  Fendi ? You don't need to worry any more because the answer is right here.

A good shoe or cans is just a shoe until its worn properly and with a little bit of swag attached to it you know. With cool Cans like the pronounced Puma Fendi you have got to know how and when to wear it in other to really bring out the class in it as well as the swag in you.

Hot Shorts And Puma Fendi Cans
Puma Fendi Cans

So if you have got your own Puma Fendi Cans, here is how you can rock and look real nice with very nice combo of your other wears. Best for those of us with good hot legs, you know what am saying, it always looks cool with hot shorts inorder to allows someone/people really see the beauty in the Puma Fendi shoes.

Hot Shorts And Puma Fendi Cans
Hot Shorts And Puma Fendi Cans
photo credits :IG @miz_gabby

so lets break it down:
White polo, a simple round neck would do or for some that love V necks that will also work fine .
Short or Nickers as Nigerians would say "short nicker" also white. up and down white a little necklace just as how our pick has on, and finally the Crowned Jule the Puma Fendi on your feet. hers is actually black but any color will be very nice. Due to the facts that she has shorts on, the shoes are well exposed and have their own statements. I mean for those prices  they cost the have to be shouting sef...
There you go with that you are really  #SLAYING real hard.

If have a photo this good do well to drop your comments below and you could be our next pick here on Fruitty Fashion... As seen by T.e.h.m.i.e................see you around again.


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