Monday, 10 October 2016



image comparing size with a normal smart phone
smartphone shaped gun comparing size with a normal smartphone

This new double-shot pistol designed to look like a modern day smartphone will aid owners of the .380_caliber gun pack heat “on an occasion or event as the case may be ,” according to the designer and developer.

This perfect conceal hand gun (pistol), which is scheduled to soon go on sale for about three hundred and ninety five bucks ($395) later this year 2016, will easily allow the owners to “simply carry with confidently and without fear, hidden in style,” the Minnesota startup’s website reads. This newly designed product could be clearly seen on the website with an unfolding handle grip showing a trigger and muzzles for the bullets where headphones could usually be plug into.

The Ideal Conceal CEO Kirk Kjellberg said the lightweight  fire arms invention will aids gun owners whom are  looking forward to avoid a Second Amendment debate.

He then rightly said that "Basically, part of what this will do is to aid people to easily and safely carry a weapon without engaging or indulging in that conversations_," Kjellberg also said. " By this doing, you do not have to have a .38 or .44 strapped of fastened  to your waist, you can carry it in your front pocket as the case may be."

The discovery is already causing a controversy. Bill Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, has told CNN Money the discovery could make police officers’ jobs much more difficult as the case may be.

“however, in general, the conception of any kind of weapon at all that is disguised, so that it is not apparent that it is a weapon, would be a serious cause for concern,” Johnson said.

Yet Kjellberg said he has received a good number of compliments on the new product from police officers.

"I had a police chief whom wrote to me and said he wants the new products for their officers when they are off-duty." Kjellberg said.

He rightfully told KARE-TV on Monday that he has received over four thousand 4,000 unit pre-orders and the handgun is “just made for mainly mainstream America, and not criminal enterprises, as the case may be.” He also went ahead to tell the Television station the story of how he came up with the invention while dining out arm one night.

“I was just walking towards the direction of the restroom in a restaurant, and a little boy about the age of 7 years, saw me and quickly said, ‘Mummy!, Mummy!!, that guy got a gun with him,’” Kjellberg said. “Then the whole restaurant then turns, and stares at you, and I thought, ‘There is just gonna be something better to do than this.’”


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