Friday, 9 December 2016

The 8 New Features In Android N

Android N diagram

Google has once again release another new version of android OS known as the "Android N" with more better-quality build that is now ready for regular use to the public.

The eight features are:-

Android N multitask diagram

1.   Multitasking

Multitasking in Android N  is made easy by the splitscreen feature  is accessed by simply holding down the task-switching button. It’s pretty intuitive, and on tested android devices so far i looks like having two BlackBerry screens on at the same time. that's not all, Android N still posses another trick which Google calls "Quick Switch" this trick is performed by double-tapping the task-switch button  it to instantly switch to your most recently used application, trick is similar to Alt-Tab on windows.
with all the multiple splitscreen  there’s a Clear All button so you can close everything at once, interesting isn't it?

Android N notification diagram

2.   Notifications
The notifications shade has been totally  retouched in Android N. However things are much more appearing smart, with an edge to edge design and smaller smarter icons making better use of available space.Nevertheless, there are also little buttons to easily expand each notification if you feel reluctant to swipe.Another peculiar feature in Android N is the ability to easily long-press on each available notification to control how one may receive alerts from the application in the nearest future. By simply Long-pressing the notification you can then choose whether to display them silently in the future or block them altogether.another feature is the Quick Toggles. On the previous android version Marshmallow, one had to drag down the shade and then swipe down a second time to access the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles, but Android N includes a row of five icons above your notifications. one still need to swipe again to see the rest, but the icons are customizable so you can pick the ones you use the most.

3.  Settings
In Android N the settings menu has also undergone a welcome warm retouch. The first thing you’ll notice is at the top, where there are now suggestions for things you may not have done with your phone yet, like set up email accounts or voice commands. apart from that you can check your storage capacity, current Wi-Fi network, data usage, and so on right from the menu.

4.   Virtual reality
Virtual Reality is a big piece of the Android N puzzle. Google is mainly launching an new Android-powered platform called Daydream. one will need a Daydream-certified smartphone with the correct display and sensors, and they will easily work with a new VR mode in Android to improve performance inside headsets. About that Virtual Reality headset Google is only showing off a reference design right now, along with a simple wireless motion controller. Companies will be able to produce their own headsets that fit the Daydream standard, and Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel are all on board to make Daydream-compatible phones be a reality. However the Daydream platform is set to launch this fall.

Android N keyboard diagram
5.   Keyboard themes
This might not be the in thing today in the world, but there are presently large amount of themes for the stock Google keyboard. You can choose various colors, add or remove the borders between keys, and even set a picture as a backdrop. It  is indeed smart.

6.  Performance
Google has laid a claim that performance increases in various directions with just about every version of the Android OS, and this one is not an exception. Android N is adopting a new graphics API called Vulkan, which is also starting to see use in PC gaming and should also help deliver more efficient visual performance on smartphones and tablets. Android N also has a new JIT compiler, which Google says will improve battery life and result in apps that can be 50 percent smaller while installing 75 percent faster.

Android N new emoji diagram

7.   New emoji
Google is also updating its set of emoji for the Android N OS, giving its quirky blobs a more uniform appearance. The company is also proposing that the Unicode Consortium adopt 13 new emoji to better represent professional women in the universal character set.

8.   Easter egg
Android N doesn’t have a version number yet, but that’s not stopping Google from putting in its traditional Easter egg. If you’re not aware of these, each version of Android has a hidden visual flourish accessed by rapidly tapping the version number in the system settings.
This one is a little underwhelming, to be honest  it appears to be pretty much just the N logo. But hey, let’s give Google time to pick an actual name for N first; no doubt we’ll get a Nougaty or New York cheesecakey Easter egg with the final version.

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