Sunday, 9 October 2016


1. Press the Win-key and type "cmd", then click 'Command Prompt'.


2. Press the Win-key + "R" then type "cmd", then click 'Ok'.

3. on the command prompt window, type "ping -t" then hit the "Enter key"

cmd windows showing on-going ping test

Note: the URL can be any valid URL it mustn’t be, it could be

With the above step properly followed you should see this window below:

Now, the ping test is running.

On the ping test window we will see stuffs like:

· Request timed out. : It means data wasn’t sent, thus no reply.

· Reply from : bytes=32 time=3154ms TTL =49 : It means data was sent and reply was gotten.

· General failure. : It means no internet connection at all.

With this, the ping test can run till infinity, thus giving you room to check on it as you surf the internet to ensure connection.

In addition, to terminate the test you can do any of the following:

1. press Ctrl + "C"

2. Click the close button of the Command Prompt windows.

Note: When you use Ctrl + "C" it display the Ping Statistics to the URL provided showing the IP address equivalent of the URL in this case, the number of packets sent, received, and lost in percentage, also the approximate round trip in milliseconds i.e. minimum maximum and average.

cmd windows showing ping test result