Encouragement To You In A Long Distance Relationship.

I Want To Encourage Some Of You In A Long Distance Relationship.
First of all, permit me to appreciate many of you who are in the long distance shoes... Believe me when I say it is not easy but it works.

Being an example, I am in a very long distance relationship (I mean, very long).. and I could tell you the sacrifices we make just to keep it alive and the pains sometimes mostly when you wish your partner was closer? Omg!!! My fellow distant lovers will understand more than the face me I face you relationship.

Listen, Long Distance Relationships are difficult and there will be times you think of giving up...times you wonder how much longer you can hold on, and the dilemma you face when you feel that way – the reason is tearing you up inside because there’s Love in the Relationship.

But, what you are feeling is normal, especially when separated from the person who should be the closest to you. Doubts come and go like morning and night... There’s anger, frustration, depression, and arguments (real one)...they all occur because its very Natural.

The thoughts you have about giving up comes from being fed up of the physical distance between you both.. It’s pain you feel and you can no longer take it from being separated... Yea! It happens.

This Monday Morning, I want to urge someone to be Strong and think that perhaps the two of you are destined to be together like that for a while because it is a test of your love and if it is true and strong, God will one day bring the two of you together and make you ONE just like he'll make mine.

• Just hold on...
• Wait for that day...
• Be faithful to each other (though konji is real)
• Exercise more Trust and Patience...(it finishes lol)
• ...And please, don't follow or mind the public based on what they say or act.

God Bless Y'all!

Written By Victor Willz Firdance

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