Logo Design Questionnaire Kit By Temitope Adebayo


Before you or your company decide to do a branding project/ logo design project.

There are somethings you need to have down as a brand so as to help the logo fully mean something to you and your company.

The story and personality of a brand is very important and that is the only way the logo can mean anything.

in this publication i have put down some questions that will help in creating the personality of your company and the focus of the Logo design process.

Logo Design Questionnaire Kit By Temitope Adebayowill help you as a business owner communicate your brand as well a educate Any designer you wish to work with on the project.

Free to use and distribute !!!
Not many people enjoy filling out questionnaires, but for your project to be successful I need some background information about you and your visions.
Please complete all fields on these pages where possible.
    l.   Company name, background & short description of services.
l. Mission Statement
2. Vission statement
2.   In what way do you differ from your competition?


         2.Product Expertise

         3.Years in business

        4. Location

        5. Other - please describe:

3. Please write the exact name as you would like to appear in your logo.
4. What is your tagline if applicable. Do you want this in the logo?
5. Do you have specific images or icons that you wish or do not wish to be in your logo?
6. Do you have any colour preferences or any existing colours you want in your logo?
7. What attributes of your business would you like your logo to reflect?
8. What words describe how you feel when you look at your current logo and branding?
9. What three attributes would you like your target audience to think of when they look at your new branding?
10.What is the overall message you want to convey to your target audience?

ll. Where will your new logo be used?
1  Print
2. Website
3. Other:
12.  Who are your main competitors? Please list their websites if possible.
13.  What are your thoughts about their logos? How do you want your logo to differ from their logos?
14.  Do any existing logos appeal to you & why? If so, please provide a link to a picture of each logo.
15.  Which of these words is a better fit for your brand? Traditional or modern?
16.  Which of these words is a better fit for your brand? Friendly or corporate?
17.  Which of these words is a better fit for your brand? High end or costeffective?
18.  Who is your target market? Be very specific. (specify Age, Gender, Income)
19.  If your customer came away with just two thoughts about your business what would you want them to be?
20.  What is the most important application for your logo? (ie. Business Card, Website, Signage, Tshirt, etc)
21.  Please supply a brief description of the design you have in mind and any other information that would be useful.

Use this link to download the ebook.


I hope you get value from this and please do well to give me feedback.
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Temitope Adebayo
Temitope Adebayo
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