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Latest: MTN Data Plans in 2018

Latest: MTN Data Plans in 2018
Latest: MTN Data Plans in 2018

Update Of  MTN Data Plans in 2018
(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Night Data)

Contained in this post is the updated  MTN data plans for 2018 which include the codes to subscribe for daily, weekly, monthly and night data plans . MTN is a giant in the telecommunication industry of Nigeria having the highest area

coverage in the country gives MTN the upper hand against compettition. Apart from that the network has more subscribers with everybody having an MTN SIM if They have that of other networks. The plans posted here are the best you can get from mtn Nigeria currently and they work across all devices including Pc, iPhone, Blackberry, Modems, Mi-Fi and Windows phones. Now let’s show you how subscribe for 3G and 4G LTE internet in 2018.

Almost all these plans are affordable and flexible and as said earlier can be used across all internet supported devices . Monthly data plans will be used for 30 days, the weekly is up to 7 days while the daily plans last for 24 hours if you are concerned about their validity period. there are other heavy data packages that are valid for 60 days and 90 days, they are the Quarterly plans.

There is also this other plan I would share with you which give you double the data you bought giving you 3gb instead of 1.5gb for the same price of 1000 however this plan has been reviewed and some of the data has been allocated for night use only. The bonus was restricted and can only be used between 1 and 7 am.

All MTN Data Plans 2018

MTN has two daily plans for people who want to do some quick work online and want to pay a little or would not use the data afterwards you can use this to see your social media notifications, download small files. These are the cheapest data plans from MTN apart from the 25 Naira night subscription There are two daily plans from MTN which targets people that urgently need to carry out some task online on with alittle price.

With this plan, you can check your social media
notifications, download little files and do a little streaming  at low cost. They are among the cheapest data
plans from MTN after the N25 night plan.

✔️ 50MB for N100: some time back, we paid N100 for just 30MB but MTN has now  increased the data allocated to this daily plan to 50MB for 100 Naira.
To activate this plan, dial *104# or SMS 104 to 131

✔️ 150MB for N200: 150MB should be enough for you to read all the days news, check your favorite blogs and also chat on social media. This plan is enough for you to also check your email and the likes.
To activate this plan dial *113#  or SMS 113 to 131.


Like the daily plans, MTN has two weekly plans also and they lasts for 7 days. People who like to stream and download, will definitely like these plans. You can use it to check notifications and do other things you wish to do on the internet without being interrupted. Meanwhile, they are better than what you used to get before.

✔️ 150MB for N300: this plan has same volume of data allocated to it as the N200 daily plan. The difference is the validity period and the 100 naira price difference.
To enjoy this data, use it for reading blog posts, nairaland, Telegram WhatsApp, Messenger but try to avoid viewing pictures on Facebook and instagram and stay away from snapchat on the data may not last for those 7 days.
To subscribe, dial *102# or SMS 102 to 131.

✔️ 500MB + 250MB (Bonus data) for N500: This plan is awesome. For Just N500 you will get 500MB, not only that, you also get an additional 250MB data to be used between 1am to 7am on daily basis.
To activate, dial *102# or quickly SMS 102 to 131.


Different monthly data bundles are offered by MTN with different volumes and prices but all have a validity period of 30 days. The most popular among them is the N1000 for 1.5GB plan which will also give you 3GB if you are Eligible for double data bonus.

✔️ 1GB + (500MB bonus data) for N1,000: This plan was updated towards the end of last year. 500MB was withdrawn and could only be used at night from 1am to 7am.

How to Subscribe For MTN Data Plans

Subscribe to MTN data plans by simply dialling *131# and follow the instruction displayed on the screen to activate the plan or you use these USSD codes.
1.) 50MB for 100 Naira :  Dial *104# or text 104 to 131. valid for 24 hours.

2.) 150MB for 200 Naira : Dial *113# or text 113 to 131. valid for 24 hours.

3.)150MB for 300 Naira :  Dial *131*1# >> 2 >> 1.valid for 7 days.

4.) 500MB plus 250MB bonus for 500 Naira : bonus of 250MB only usable between 1AM – 7AM for just. valid for 7 days.
Dial *131# >> reply 1 to buy data plans >> reply 2 for
weekly plan >> reply 2 to purchase this  plan. Or, you can just Dial *103# or text 103 to 131.but the first method is best.

5.) 1GB for 500 Naira (MTN iPulse Only): If you are not on MTN pulse Dial *406# and reply with 1 To subscribe to MTN Pulse. For the data plan  dial *406# and reply with 2.
Introduced in 2016 here are the best MTN monthly plans all valid for 30 days and some of them have bonuses to be used between 1am to 7 am.

1.) 1GB plus 500MB bonus for 1000 Naira :  Dial *106# or text 106 to 131.

2.) 1.5GB for 1200 Naira :  *131*1# >> 3 >> 2

3.) 2.5GB plus 1GB bonus for 2000 Naira :  Dial *110# or text 110 to 131.

4.) 5GB for 3500 Naira :  Dial *110# or text 110 to 131.

5.) 10GB for 5000 Naira : Dial *116#.

6.)  22GB for 10,000 Naira : Dial *117#.

The MTN data plans listed here are only for use on social media platforms. This plans are for those who hardly do any work online and do not want to waste money on data they are not going to use.

Daily Whatsapp data Plan at 25 naira  : Dial *131# >> 3 >> 1>> 1

Weekly Whatsapp data Plan at 50 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >>1 >> 2

MTN Whatsapp data Plan Monthly at 150 naira: Dial *131# >>3 >> 1 >> 3

Daily Twitter data Plan at 25naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >> 3 >> 1

Weekly Twitter data Plan at 50naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >> 3>> 2

Monthly Twitter data Plan at 150 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >> 3>> 3

Daily Eskimi data Plan at 25 naira : Dial *131# >> 3 >> 7>>1

Weekly Eskimi data Plan at 50 naira: Dial *131# >> 3>> 7 >> 2

Eskimi Monthly Plan at 150naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >> 7 >> 3

Facebook daily data Plan at 25 naira: Dial *131# >> 3>> 2 >> 1

Weekly Facebook data Plan at 50 naira: Dial *131# >>3 >> 2 >> 2

Monthly Facebook data Plan at 150 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >>2 >> 3

WeChat  Daily data Plan at 25 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >>6 >> 1

WeChat Weekly data Plan at 50naira: Dial *131# >> 3>> 6 >> 2

Monthly WeChat data Plan at 150 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >> 6>> 3

Daily 2GO data Plan at 25 naira : Dial *131# >> 3 >> 5>> 1

2GO weekly data Plan at 50 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >> 5>> 2

Monthly 2GO data Plan at 150 naira: Dial *131# >> 3 >>5 >> 3

MTN has no special data bundles for the mnt 4G lte network but all the plans listed above will work on your 4G devices and Sim cards.
The night will only work on MTN iPulse tariff plan. 

If you are not on iPulse, and want to enjoy this, migrate by dialing *406# and reply with 1. To subscribe for the plan, Text Night to 131. you will get 500MB for N25 Naira. It is valid between 12 Am-4 Am on that day.

To check data balance on MTN , simply text 2 to 131. If it is the MTN double data you are on, dial *559*2# to check your data balance.

To check MTN data bonus, dial *559*4# or *559#.
So There it is for you the Latest: MTN Data Plans in 2018.

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