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10 annoying things girls do that drive guys crazy

10 annoying things girls do that drive guys crazy
10 annoying things girls do that drive guys crazy
To be in a relationship could be  an amazing experience, but there
comes that moment when even the most loving, caring and patient partner in the relationship loses his temper.

Women don't usually know that the little things they do and some habits often drive guys nuts. And the more they do it other issues usually come to light don’t. Being late all the time is one of the most obvious ones and some are so subtle that the women don't even realize it for a long time and these go unchecked for long. Men tolerate a lot, so why not try making their life a little bit easier. Especially  when your boyfriends and husbands are the ones involved.

Here are the 10 annoying habits females have that drive men crazy.

Always Being Late.
Some people are chronically late either make or female. But girls usually take more time to get ready when going to evens like movies, or that reservation at a restaurant both of you have been wanting to visit. And mostly the more important the event, the more the time you take to get prepared. Being late is a very annoying habits that has destroyed a lot of relationships.

Taking From His Plate.
Some people actually don't like when people do that especially when it comes to the chocolate mousse dessert he was hoping to bring down alone but rather than order yours you would rather steal few bites from his plate. And it usually doesn't end at a few bites.

24/7 On The Phone
Smartphones nowadays seem to hold our whole lives in their small plastic bodies. Even with this facts it would be good to unplug and drop it when you are with a loved one and concentrate on the person in front of you. It’s actually a matter of respect and by the way, the world will not end if you don’t check your e-mail for some hours and just spend time with the person you are with.

Not Accepting Compliments.
This is a thing with the girls – they try so hard to look their best, but  for some reason don't like it when other people acknowledge the fact they look beautiful. If your boyfriend says you are pretty with unmade hair and no makeup, and tells you about it take the compliment you should not try to find a thousand reasons you cannot look beautiful in your PJs and reading glasses. He thinks you’re gorgeous and that’s all that really matters.

Being 'Fine' Always.
We know that sharing your feeling is hard for women and even the men but ladies please remember that your boyfriend does not read minds and won't know what is wrong with you if you don't tell him no matter how he loves you. So if something is on your mind, find the courage to talk, and settle the issue, or you will be unhappy and your boyfriend be frustrated trying to figure out what is wrong with you and that ladies, is a recipe for disaster.

Being Manipulative.
Guys don't like it when they are being manipulated and usually know all the techniques women try to use on them. So never try to make him jealous by flirting with another guy or just go prove a point. It normally makes things worse. A guy that loved you would do anything for you but font use that love as leverage to get things you want or go places he wouldn't go.

Rearranging His Things.
Some Women love to have things in order so much that they are ready to clean and sort everything out, even his belongings. Although it is good to have things in order, some men don't want to have their things touched without their permission. It is not really about the orderliness but for the fact that they can't find their stuff after the clean up so no matter how disorderly his table looks be rest assured that he knows the position his things.

Every body has problems. Colleagues we don't get along with pushy bosses but this does not mean we should complain all the time. Yes our partners are there to support us but complaining too much is bad for relationships and is not going to make either you or your boyfriend happy.

Asking Questions With No Right Answer.
Ladies don't usually do it on purpose, but men always think there is a hidden agenda when she ask  ‘How do I look?’ or ‘Does this dress make me fat?’ These  questions make guys lose their cool, and not to mention the right answer depends on the girls mood at that time. And this  puts him between a rock and a hard place!

Make Him Feel Bad For Having Other Interests.
Different people  have different hobbies. As a matter of fact it is better when you and your boyfriend have separate interests that will make you spend some time apart. If your hobbies match, it's a good thing but if they don't it equally is good. You are two different people with different personalities so not wanting him to watch football and hang out with you will only affect your relationship. Also men are vexed when ladies Try to limit their freedom more so when it is a thing they love.

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