Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Facebook Fever, How Ignorant Are You? - A True Fact.

The Facebook Fever, How Ignorant Are You? - A True Fact.
The Facebook Fever, How Ignorant Are You? - A True Fact.

Someone added me to one of those stupid rilegious Facebook groups without my notice or permission. I did not even know I was part of it till the admin posted one of those " type Amen and be blessed or ignore and be cursed " messages with the gruesome picture of a dead baby attached to it. That just set me right off TBH. A dead baby, really? Are people really that desperate for attention? " What twisted motherfcuker came up with something this sick? ", I asked myself. And for what? Just to get a few Facebook likes and comments.

This was someone's child. He had parents and probably a whole family that loved him. Why would someone in his right senses do something this heartless? I see pictures of dead people on Facebook all the time, posted by these mediocre bloggers and attention seekers, most times without even the common decency to cover the victim's faces for the purpose of viewer discretion, which I find totally inappropriate. But the picture of a dead baby, that was crossing the line a bit too far.

Normally I would just scroll the fcuk on whenever I came across such bullshit but this one really pissed me off I had to give the son of a bicth who posted it a piece of my mind. So I proceeded to cursing the motherfcuker out. I told him what a perverted sociopath he was and wished him a horrible death so other sick fcuks like him could take his picture and upload it online to get some likes and comments. You know, since he fancies that kinda shit. I thought that would pacify my mind and easy my mood but I was wrong. The first provocation was just a warm up. The amount of people that were commenting on the post started pouring into my notification box, hundreds of them, and they all contained the same two syllabled word "Amen". I gave up!

I understood then why these people do what they do. The world is full of desperate ignorant people. Desperate enough to be blinded from the obvious wrong before their eyes as long as it is shrouded in a prayer for good fortune. Good fortune over someone else's misery. Someone posts a prayer with a prongoraphic link attached to it and you still see people liking and commenting " Amen " on it. Fcuking blockheads!

It seems you can get people to like whatever rubbish you post on Facebook once you attach God to it. If that were their child, brother, nephew, or cousin on that picture I bet an " Amen " would be the last thing to come to their retarded minds. But who was I kidding though? These people had the IQs of fishes, I don't imagine any intelligent human being would believe typing " Amen " on a Facebook post would bring them God's blessings. Eventually I had to delete my comment and remove myself from the group because I was sick to my stomach and could not stand another goddamned " Amen " on the picture of an innocent dead baby.

Credit: Eze Drizzy Jude


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