Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Latest: You Can Now Watch Plant Roots Grow In Extreme Closeup 3D

Root Cell Growing Picture You Can Now Watch Plant Roots Grow In Extreme Closeup 3D
Root Cell Growing Picture
Am sure you have probably never seen growing green plants this way before. well with out wasting much time, a team of  great researchers from the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria have finally filmed Arabidopsis thaliana which is a flowering weed roots as they grew in extreme close-up three dimensional space (3D Space). The research team did all this to simply demonstrate a quick method they developed that uses a microscope with lasers and fluorescent lights mounted on the microscope to automatically track moving minuscule objects invisible enough to the naked eye to see. The research team also made used a special lighting system to help keep the plants (Arabidopsis thaliana) alive during the whole process, so indeed the setup can easily capture the root cells as they grow and split.

Nevertheless, in addition to the lasers and lights made available by the research team, the research team also placed the plants (Arabidopsis thaliana) on a rotating plate to also figure out how the Arabidopsis thaliana are affected by gravity in the cellular scale. Thus its results will inturn help scientists and also other researchers to easily figure out the possible best way to grow plants in space. Morealso, the research team's method, however, did also work with organisms other than just plants: they (Research team) even used their method to watch cells move around in the zebrafish embryos as well. While they unfortunately did not share footage of that experiment, you can watch root cells grow in the video that i will provide the link below.


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