Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My Lost Love [ Inspirational ]

The Lost Love
The Lost Love

To the woman ( My Lost Love ) who will never see my worth I will not be there for you ( My Lost Love ) anymore when you are bored.  No more midnight calls and sweet text messages. You ( My Lost Love ) will not hear my sleepy voice again when you ( My Lost Love ) call me at midnight. While I am fast asleep. I will not beg you ( My Lost Love ) anymore to listen to what am I saying because it is so boring for you ( My Lost Love ). Some of your stories are dull too but I enjoyed every bit of it. You ( My Lost Love ) will never hear me laugh again while you ( My Lost Love ) crack your silly jokes. Yes, I will not be there for you ( My Lost Love ) anymore.

Just so you ( My Lost Love ) know, it is so hard for me to do this. I have spent many nights overthinking on how to stop thinking about you ( My Lost Love ). I have shed bucket of tears every time you ( My Lost Love ) made me feel so disliked. I have wrote lots of poems just to express my pain of being ignored by you ( My Lost Love ) . But I want you ( My Lost Love ) to know that it ends here and right now. ( I know it is not the end). No more overthinking, no more tears every night, and for my future poems, they will not be about you ( My Lost Love ) anymore. I am letting my feelings go because it is slowly killing my soul.

I am losing my happiness that is used to burn so brightly inside me. Thank you ( My Lost Love ) for making me realize that I deserve better. Thank you ( My Lost Love ) for making me question my self-worth, I am working on it. Thank you ( My Lost Love ) for letting me enter your life even if it is just the outermost layer while I have let you ( My Lost Love ) touch my core. But the one thing I have wanted to thank you ( My Lost Love ) the most is you ( My Lost Love ) triggered the poet in me, so thank you ( My Lost Love ) for the last time, I want to say sorry for being so clingy and needy, sorry if I assumed that you ( My Lost Love ) like talking to me every time that is why I called you ( My Lost Love ) every chance I have got. Sorry if I have fell too deep in this pool of emotion, I am so sorry.

Someday, I know someone will enter my life and loves being in it. Someone will enjoy listening to my stories about the books I have read and the songs I did like. Someone will call me just to know how is my day going and will cheer me up if it is not so well. Someone will text me good morning and good night with a smiley. Someone will appreciate my poems and beg me to make more. It is so heartbreaking that you ( My Lost Love ) never did but someday, I know someone will see my worth. So good bye my Lost Love.

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