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A True Life Story Worth Reading With Abundant Lessons To Be Learnt.

A True Life Story Worth Reading With Abundant Lessons To Be Learnt.
A True Life Story Worth Reading With Abundant Lessons To Be Learnt.
Goose pimples all over my body !

True Life story! Unbelievable!! I am still imagining honestly!! One or two persons can learn a lesson from here !! 

I want to share my story with you so that young girls of these days will learn from it. Desperation doesn't pay and being on a fast lane can kill easily. I am sharing this my story with a lot of confidence. I am 44 years  this year and I am single, adopted 2 girl last three years and they are 9 and 6 years old now. I was on a fast lane and it was something I won't want for my enemy. If not for God and for how my parents rushed me to churches, I will be dead by now. 

When I was in school, I had no single friend, I graduated with 2:1 and my life changed during youth service, I got there, I made friends, I made friends who I think are as skillful as I am, we clubbed, we partied, we did all to enjoy our service, we passed out. I was dating one married man as of then. He gave me money, gave me all I want, his wife started threatening and I stopped. I got another married man, he sleeps with me without condom, saying he hates it, I agreed, he was giving me the cash, I was eating but along the line, he broke up with me because he saw my friend and they got along, I felt bad, warned him to stop and he refused, so I cut off from them. I wasn't working but I was living in a three bedroom flat and driving a car. I trained my younger brother at the university, money wasn't my problem, along the line, everything seems to be kept on hold, if I call my man friends, they will be acting busy, I got so tensed because the one that promised to buy me car on my birthday wasn't calling again, tried to get to him no way, that was when one of my friend took me to a herbalist who did some charms with my menstrual pad and said no matter who the man is, he will be at my feet begging, it worked as he said, not only did he buy the car, he bought me a house along with it . I was playing with the devil and thought it wouldn't back fire. 

I kept going to the man for many charms, and when I clocked 32, I wanted to settle down, i told baba to give me charms for marriage, that their is a young guy on my street, that I want him to start looking my way. That was when this baba started sleeping with me, telling me his sperm is just what I need to get this guy, I was so naive that I agreed . He sleeps with me pours his sperm and anytime he calls me, that is what we do. Oh my story is too dirty. We were 4 friends and we all do the same thing. 2 are married, holding their husbands with charms, my own grew bad because baba was sleeping with me, but that baba is dead, the story was that he was stoned to death by villagers, so for now I don't how their marriage is fairing because, I have cut all ties with them. 

That baba slept with me for close to 11months, and always on the 9 th -15th of every month, his charms to get this guy worked, later he traveled out of the country , but he never touched me for a second, didn't contact me again. I went back to the man to tell him what is happening to me and the guy has left me that was when I heard of his death. Things started happening to me. Once any month clock 9th my body starts smelling and my urine contains pus same as my poo poo. I can't go out of my apartment, my friends are always there to help me. We did this for three months till my younger brother met me one day, he came to my house without informing me and hoping it was my friends, but when I opened it was my brother, the smell he couldn't contain it, he was forced to leave my house and I begged him not to tell my mother but he went and opened up to my parents and they came to visit me. My parents came on the 15 th when the smell is almost fading off , so they felt my brother was lieing. It started getting worse 2011 and I started losing my friends. Reason my friends  never felt what I was feeling was that baba never slept with them, but he gave them charm, one is dead and 2 that are married are childless. 

When I couldn't bear the smell anymore, I confided in my mother and she started looking for a solution, she couldn't hide it from my father and that was how my father came to know about my predicament and we decided to go the traditional way. The man we went to, said I slept with a pussy cat and it is very hard to undo what has been done, that I should be coming to him once it's 8 th of every month to be helping me with some medicine to flush the pus, that is what is making my body smell. We did that for 5 months, it wasn't comfortable with me and I went to the white garment church, they tried, night mares upon night mares, I fought battles , woke up with cane marks, blood stains , a lot . My bed looks like a wrestling ground at night.

 I got tired of sleeping at night and took to sleeping during the day because at night I can't sleep. Things started walking around in my tommy, we went back to one man, he said its evil eggs, I almost took my life, decided to end it once and for all. Still yet it didn't work and 2013 March, I started noticing I do wake up looking used by someone, my pants will be on my body but in the morning, it will be off, if I go to clean, I will see white substances. I tried and the substance kept coming and I was pushed to go speak to my pastor, she took me to a senior pastor and that was where my healing started . My story is a long one. I was taken to different churches for deliverance, some days I will appear dead and will be wandering about in my dreams and I will wake up breathing so hard as if I am being strangled. I fought wars, unseen wars, it was in one of the prayers that they told me my womb was taken away and I should go adopt and train as many children as I can. I am planning to adopt another. I have adopted 2 girls, planning to adopt a boy. 

That has been my story, I see a lot of desperate young girls everywhere, I am still healing, the pus comes out now but in a little amount, I run a saloon and a boutique, I chose that because of my illment, because of how it comes . It hasn't been easy but God has forgiven me and is healing me gradually and I am grateful. Please keep warning the young girls out there that life should be taken one step at a time, every body should slow down and let God pilot them to their destiny, please keep me identity hidden, God bless you madam.


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