Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Dear Future Woman, Just Incase You Are Wondering

Dear Future Woman, Just Incase You Are Wondering
Dear Future Woman

I really don’t believe in just playing along. When we are together It means you have to be committed to us; you have to want to make it work I be wont the only one trying. Cause am an all or nothing kind of guy. You’ll also need to get used to my unusual and unorthodox taste in Music, if we are to work. I do still listen to the normalz, but nothing can break me from my Gospels and Taylor swift (yeah am a "swiftie"). I love to dance but only in my head and mind but up there am a rock star. I don’t do clubs, those kind of places are not my thing, and I really don’t like loud music and people all up in my business.

Oh, do I love food. Not the kitchen type though but I love to be spoiled with different types and varieties of food and sometimes when my feedback may not be so encouraging, please don’t tag me a complainer I just have really high standard. (My Mom is the Best...).Am a hugger, love to cuddle and roll around maybe just a tad bit needy sometimes. I have a very wonderful view of life and of things around me, don’t take things personally and hate to raise my voice, shout or talk loud. I think a simple a "yes" or "no" is far better than explaining or trying to make me feel better, I totally believe and trust completely in your ability to make good decisions and choices.

If am ever withdrawn about anything just know that am a little unsure about the subject, don’t pressure me ill come clean about it in due time, trust me it won’t take long. Sometimes am all about my business don’t ever feel your taking second place, cause where I place you there is none other. I’ll always respect your schedule no matter how uncomfortable or unhappy it’ll make me (remember I trust your decision).Am not a hopeless romantic but I very much like public show, am ready to kneel for you in front of your friends, carry your handbag, pack your hair, do your shoe laces, hold your hand and back you. I love watching movies, especially Romance, Romantic comedy, High School, Drama, Sci-Fi, a little of action and my favorite... wait for it, Super Heroes. So the cinema will be our home. Am not just your partner but also your best friend, I want to know every detail from the girl you think is hitting on me, to guy checking you out in the office.

You’re the first human I’ll come to, to get advice from that’s after God has heard it all and given me His response. So I’ll expect you to give me your bluntest opinion and the bitter truth. Always be sure to air out all your thoughts am very understanding. My spiritual life is the height of my being, so get ready for very loud prayers.
There are other things that I may have not mentioned but know that you will always get a %110 of me at all times. You know that saying "make me feel like the only Girl in the world". You won’t feel, you will be the only girl in the world second by no one else.

P.S don’t ever feel the need to outdo me, I just want to know your happy cause of me, that’s all I need.


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