Monday, 19 December 2016

Panasonic Launches flexible battery for smartphone products and devices

Panasonic Launches flexible battery for smartphone products and devices
Panasonic Launches flexible battery for smartphone products and devices

Panasonic which is the well electronics company has finally announced that its latest lauched flexible electronic battery innovation, which will be shown off on display at CEATEC in Japan these october. panasonic electronics said that when combined with the flexible displays screen or devices, printed electronics, and increasingly small scale processing packages as well, this could be the technological breakthrough that bendable smartphone battery enthusiasts have been waiting for long.

According to Panasonic electronics, the device can be bent and twisted up to a radius of 25mm, with a maximum angle of 25 degrees, over 1000 times, while still maintaining 99 percent of its charged power. Importantly given of recent other battery related problems in the inevent, twisting the cell is completely safe as well. To get these products, Panasonic electronics said that it has designed a laminated outer layer to prevent leakage and over-heating, and newly developed internal structure, but the secrets are hidden away from people  in the company’s patents.

Unfortunately, as always seems to be the problem with these flexible electronic battery technology, there’s still more work to be done before this products could be ready for powerful pieces of technology distribution, such as smartphones. Currently, the batteries are only designed to hold charges between 17.5 mAh and 60 mAh each when charged. That’s a long way behind the 3,000 mAh cells that we’re used to in top of the line smartphones. However, tens of milliamp hours is enough to power some low power wearables, and these cells might be able to be together, say in a smartwatch strap, for some extra battery existence.          

Panasonic electronics said that they are targeting its batteries to power pieces of smart clothing, smart cards, and key cards. For beginners Panasonic’s flexible lithium-ion battery will most likely make its way into small scale form factory IoT gadgets and cards, but there’s the possibility that this technology could be scaled up for larger flexible electronics in the years to come.

After been shown off at CEATEC JAPAN 2016 from October 4 to 7, Panasonic electronics said that plans to begin shipping out samples by the end of October 2016.


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