Sunday, 18 December 2016

WhatsApp: Soon Planning a Passcode Protection Feature For Users

WhatsApp: Soon Planning a Passcode Protection Feature For Users

WhatsApp as we all know is one of the top leading social network we have today, and from their from their own end WhatsApp has been improving and will continue to improve inorder to be better. Nevertheless, WhatsApp could soon be gaining an extra more enhanced security option in the nearest future. It will soon be made known to the public that the well known social app WhatsApp could soon roll an update with a six-digit Passcode protection feature which will be used by all.

The six-digit Passcode protection feature were spotted as part of a text translation program that was carried out for WhatsApp , to easily convert strings from English language into Dutch language. The Phrases to be translated include 
  1. “Enter the current six-digit Passcode:“
  2. Passcodes don’t match. Try again.“,and 
  3. “Enter a recovery email address“
With the above phrases, one can easily conclude that they are very good indicators or signs about what could be heading to the public very soon.

Interestingly, how ever, another line of text suggests that the use of a recovery email may or may not be required. An email address is usually required to ensure that a particular customers does not lock him or herself out of their account, but one of the translation strings clearly shown above implies that users will have a choice about whether or not to provide a recovery email. It also appears that users could completely lock themselves out of their WhatsApp account if they want, which would be doubling punishing given that accounts are also tied to the user’s phone number. It is also not clear at this point if the six-digit Passcode feature will be optional or mandatory no one knows until WhatsApp makes it known to the public.

Nevertheless with WhatsApp already offering an end-to-end encryption to protect messages from snoopers, a great step to enable users to lock the application off from friends, family, or thieves who gain access to their smartphone seems like a logical next step. Unfortunately, for now there is no official confirmation about the six-digit Passcode protection feature on when it will begin to rolling out to all WhatsApp users worldwide .


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