Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Latest Lenovo Bendable Phones And Tablets [Photos]

foldable phone 2

Lenovo's Tech World 2016 event is going on right now, where the company's new flagship Moto Z smartphone is expected to be announced. But before it gets to its concrete product launches, Lenovo took a moment to tease a pair of tantalizing prototypes: a phone that bends around your wrist and a tablet that folds in half. The phone is very much in keeping with all the other bendable "wrist phone" concepts we've seen, snapping around the wrist like a weirdly enormous and awkward bracelet. The cool thing is that the screen, at least, does work, judging from Lenovo's quick demo.

foldable phone 4

The accompanying tablet can best be described as a reverse Courier. Rather than folding inward like a book, it folds out, giving the user two displays when folded: one on the front and another on the back. Lenovo teased it as essentially acting like a phablet (and conducting calls) while folded and serving the typical 10-inch tablet uses otherwise.

You can check it out in action if you rewind the live stream of Lenovo's keynote over on YouTube. We have some first-hand photos of the device, albeit from behind glass. Lenovo wasn't too keen to let members of the media try the device on themselves, as the prototypes don't appear to offer the full range of functions that standard, non-bendable smartphones do.


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