Monday, 10 October 2016


 shure mv88 2

we all know that Smartphones are excellent devices for recording quality video, but they are still lacking alot especially when it comes to sound. the microphone company Shure, has a few solutions to make the audio recording much more better especially on the iPhone, Shure made that great move by developing the MV88 stereo condenser microphone.

The  MV88 stereo condenser microphone only cost about $150 (i.e is like roughly N30000) is plugged into the iPhone via the phone's Lightning jack and provides true clear stereo recording. One nice thing about the MV88is that one can angle the microphone's head to target your subject, and infact you can even record with or without the included foam windscreen. Have in mind that this is all controlled via the Shure's app, which lets you to easily export recorded audio to emails or even Dropbox and then change the polar patterns and stereo width of the recording made.

The MV88 has been tested in different varieties of scenarios, including live video recording, in a studio, and also outdoor recording. It certainly records true stereo separation, with both left and right channels distinguishable, wonderful! isn't it? Unfortunately, it's not great for live video at all, as we had to put the iphone in airplane mode to basically avoid cellular interference with the microphone. 
However based on experience, it's worth the investment if you are a musician or you are someone that love the studio activity and want a dead simple way to record better scratch tracks while on the go, you know.

Advantages of The MV88 Stereo Condenser Microphone:
  • It is portable and compact in size.
  • It is capable of recording true clear stereo.
  • Its lightning connector enable fast and rapid connection.
Disadvantages of The MV88 Stereo Condenser Microphone:
  • The iPhone has to be in airplane mode to avoid interference.
  • The Shure's app is limited.
Click here to listen to a sample recorded by the MV88 Stereo Condenser Microphone

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